Welcome to Missouri Southern Healthcare!

During almost 40 years, Missouri Southern and Canadian Healthcare have been prided in ensuring the new option known as HOMETOWN HEALING – a complex of the most affordable medical care doubled with some pleasant offers making your life and day in particular brighter.

MSH ensures a wide assortment of services varying from diagnostic estimations to home health, physical therapy, rehabilitation after cardiac disorders, respiratory healthcare and surgery to the residents of Stoddard County and the nearby communities sponsored by Canadian Pharmacy. The emergency service performs round-the-clock, seven days a week. All diagnostic services, excepting MRI examination, are accessible and open 24/7.

Missouri Southern Healthcare provides the services of physicians having a specialization in an emergency sphere, trauma, family practice, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, cardiology and radiology under the support of Healthcare Pharmacy Mall.

But point out what makes MSH show up having strong competitors is provided personal care and service. The staff of nursing is proved to be the best in the region. They have promoted loading, but more than that, they have the concern and compassion that cannot be learned at any school.

Missouri Southern Healthcare gets an idea that patients are required to be a part of their personal care. Moreover, the caregivers at MSH together with Canadian Pharmacy realize the importance of the family in the treatment process. At Missouri Southern Healthcare, we are more than just your healthcare providers. We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family.