Missouri Southern Healthcare

Missouri Southern Healthcare (MSH) has been providing HOMETOWN HEALING for over 30 years. This is the best medical care supported by Canadian Healthcare that will provide the most pleasant and comfortable.

The institution provides different services, such as health diagnostics, rehabilitation after surgery, MRI screening, respiratory care, physical therapy. Wo operate around a clock for you – 24 hours a day 7 days a week – since we do not exclude the possibility of emergency situations.

MSH uses the services of around 40 physicians and pharmacists from Canadian Pharmacy specializing in medications, trauma, surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, and radiology.

What makes Missouri Southern Healthcare a unique health organization is a careful attention to each patient and a first-class service. Our caring and professional employees have the best skills and knowledge in the area. They regularly have additional training and also have devotion and compassion which are really proud of.

MSH involves patients in their personal care. Besides, the staff and directors of Missouri Southern Healthcare understand the relevance of the family in the treatment process. MSH is more than just healthcare providers. They are your friends and your family.

We do not resemble home — we are home.